Sunday, February 23, 2014

Episode 3: Bill & Ted's Excellent Soundtracks

In 1989, a movie came along the celebrated everything we loved about 80’s music and typecast Keanu Reeves as a dudebro forever. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and its 1991 sequel Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey were decent comedies that featured some fantastic music. In particular, the soundtrack to Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey is one of the best ever in terms of rock and metal, featuring everyone from KISS to Steve Vai to Megadeth.

So, tonight’s episode of Sunday Night Videos features five songs that came from the Bill & Ted soundtracks. Enjoy, and be excellent to each other!

Vital Signs--The Boys and the Girls Are Doing It

Big Pig--Breakaway

Extreme--Play With Me

KISS--God Gave Rock 'n' Roll To You II

Slaughter--Shout it Out

Megadeth--Go to Hell

And just so we never forget Bill & Ted, here's the trailers for both movies.

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