Sunday, February 16, 2014

Episode 2: Twisted Sister

There were some bands during the MTV era that really understood what videos could do for their careers. Twisted Sister was one of them, although the huge success they had with “I Wanna Rock” and We’re Not Gonna Take It” resulted in them becoming a bit typecast as a more cartoonish version of who they originally were. Stay Hungry was one of those few albums that everyone you knew at the time had a copy of.

Anyone who dug a little deeper than just the MTV vids found a band that had a catalog full of great rock songs. Frontman Dee Snider actually made the band sound heavier than they were with the explosive energy he brought to every song. In the first two videos below you’ll see the fire he brought to every live performance.

If you’ve only listened to Stay Hungry, do yourself a favor and pick up Big Hits and Nasty cuts, a great best of collection that will give you a great idea of just how good Twister Sister was.

Under the Blade

I Am I’m Me

You Can’t Stop Rock n Roll

We’re Not Gonna Take It

Be Chrool to Your Scuel

Hot Love

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BONUS: For those that remember the anti-rock and metal movement of the mid-1980s and the Parents music Resource Center (PMRC), you may also remember that Dee Snider testified at a Senate hearing in 1985, and he was pretty amazing. You can watch his testimony in the video below. See you next week!

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