Sunday, February 2, 2014

Welcome to Sunday Night Videos!

This blog is the home of a project that was started on Super Bowl Sunday 2014. You can read all about how I got here over on my blog See Brian Write, but the short version is this--I grew up in the era of Friday Night Videos and the early days of MTV. I love music videos, and while they still exist today, they are not the cultural staple they were in the '80s and early '90s. So I'm doing my part to bring back the spirit of those days.

Every Sunday Night from 8PM to 9PM EST, I will be tweeting out links to a handful of '80s and '90s videos from one of the artists I grew up listening to, using the hashtag #SundayNightVideos. I'll also be tweeting out facts about the artist and, memories associated with them, my own experiences with seeing them in concert, or even meeting them in person.

I'll also be doing a grab bag episode once a month, where the hour will be filled with a variety of different artists instead of focusing on one.

It's going to be a blast revisiting some of the best videos from my youth, and I want you to participate. Jump into the discussion each Sunday night, and use the hashtag #SundayNightVideos to send me requests for future episodes. You can also message me on Twitter ( or email me at

See you Sunday night!

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