Sunday, May 4, 2014

Episode 12: Whitesnake

Like just about everyone else who grew up in the MTV era, the mention of Whitesnake immediately brings up visions of Tanwy Kitaen prancing across the hoods of every expensive cars. Whitesnake are one of the true legends of rocks however, their career having spanned more than three decades. Started in the late '70s by singer David Coverdale after he left Deep Purple, Whitesnake was already an established success before their self-titled 1987 album went platinum--EIGHT TIMES.

Tonight we look back at some videos from three of the most popular Whitesnake albums to come out of the '80s--Slide it In, Whitesnake and Slip of the Tongue.

Love Ain't No Stranger

Still of the Night

Here I Go Again

Give Me All Your Love

Fool for Your Lovin'

Judgement Day (live)

BONUS #1: Whitesnake is currently making music today. They released an album called Forevermore in 2011, and are currently working on a follow-up. Here is a "making of" documentary about 2011's Forvermore.

BONUS #2: Here is a live performance of Judgment Day from Donington in 1990 featuring Steve Vai.

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