Sunday, May 25, 2014

Episode 14: Billy Idol

Billy Idol's popularity in America is really interesting to dig into, as he was definitely one of the more popular solo acts of the 1980s. When he blew up on MTV during the Second British Invasion of 1982-1983, much of the American audience knew nothing of Idol's punk rock roots and his previous band Generation X. His successful solo career is now in its fourth decade, and Idol is planning on releasing a new album called Kings and Queens of the Underground in October of 2014.

Tonight we look back at some of the most popular Billy Idol videos of the early MTV era.

Dancing With Myself

White Wedding (Part 1)

Eyes Without a Face

Rebel Yell

Mony Mony

BONUS #1: Before Billy idol's solo career, he was the frontman for the popular British punk group Generation X. Here is a video of the band recording Kiss Me Deadly in 1978.

One of Billy Idol's weirdest videos was the 1993's Shock to the System, in which he becomes a cyborg. Enjoy!

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