Sunday, June 29, 2014

Episode 18: Kix

Kix is a very interesting band. While most '80s music fans know who they are, known mostly for their 1989 ballad "Don't Close Your Eyes," which leads some to consider them a one-hit wonder. But Kix had quite a run

Kix's sound really changed quite a bit over the years, and it didn't just evolve in one direction. They have songs that are very '80s pop and synth influenced, bluesy rockers and straight up AC/DC-influenced rock and roll songs, some together on the same album. It's kind of fascinating, as most bands of the '80s were forced to fir into one mold. This eclectic approach to albums may have actually hurt Kix in the long run, as it's harder to sell something that's not easily categorized. They are most often referred to as a glam band, but I think that's selling them a bit short.

Tonight we'll look at six Kix videos featuring songs from their first five albums.


Body Talk

Cold Shower

Cold Blood

Don't Close Your Eyes

Girl Money

BONUS #1: Here's a video of Kix recording "Rock 'n' Roll Overdose" in the studio and doing an interview about the song.

BONUS #2: Kix has a brand new album called "rock Your face Off" coming out on August 5th, and they've released a lyric video for the first single, LOVE ME WITH YOUR TOP DOWN. Enjoy!

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