Sunday, July 13, 2014

Episode 20: BulletBoys

When BulletBoys crashed onto the glam metal scene with their self-titled debut in 1988, they were already late to the party. By the time their third album Za-Za arrived in 1993, the grunge wave crashed over them, and that was pretty much it. Singer Marq Torien has kept some version of the band going over the years, but BulletBoys never came close to matching their early success.

But those first two albums, man. Both BulletBoys and Freakshow were fantastic glam/hard rock albums.

Seriously, Marq Torien is one of those vocalists that I'd put in with the likes of Dee Snider, Geoff Tate and Micheal Sweet--singers who elevated the band with a voice that was as powerful as any instrument. In fact, one of the things i love about Bulletboys--especially their first album--is just how big their sounds is. Rolling bass lines, raw guitars and great percussion, all led by Torien's larger than life vocals.

Tonight we look back at five videos from the first two BulletBoys albums.

Smooth Up In Ya


For the Love of Money

Talk to Your Daughter

THC Groove

BONUS: Bulletboys did a well-received cover of Tom Waits' "Hang on St. Christopher" for their Freakshow album. It's a bit of a mellower tune, but it features some great percussion. Here's a live performance of it.

That wraps up the first season of Sunday Night Videos! We'll be back on August 31st at 7PM EST for the second season. You can follow me on Twitter ( for updates and catch up on back episodes here on the blog. Rock on!

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