Sunday, September 14, 2014

Episode 22: Britny Fox

Britny Fox is a textbook example of 1908's glam rock. Mixing equal parts KISS and Cinderella, Britny Fox had some success with their first album, which contained hits "Girlschool" and "Long Way to Love." Britny Fox was actually formed by some of the original members of Cinderella, and they definitely invoke a similar sound. They never enjoyed the same level of success however, and they disbanded in 1992.

Tonight, we're looking back at five of Britny Fox's videos from their first two albums.

Long Way to Love


Save the Weak

Standing in the Shadows

Dream On

BONUS: Britny Fox toured with Bon Jovi and Ratt back in 1989, and one of those shows was on New Year's Eve in Tokyo. Bon Jovi closed the show by having all the bands come up on stage for a cover of "It's All Over Now." Enjoy!

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