Monday, November 23, 2015

Update: Sunday Night Videos Will Return Soon!

Man, it's been a while, hasn't it? Almost ten months to the day, to be exact.

If you're a fellow '80s music fan who only knows me through this blog, you might have been wondering why Sunday Night Videos just kind of stopped happening.

Well, it's an interesting story.

After that post in January, I was pretty busy with book stuff. I released the latest novel in my Parted Veil horror series (Lovecraft's Pupil) in March of 2015, so the couple months before that were filled with edits, rewrites, cover design and the like. When I looked up from that, it was April.

And a very cool thing happened in April.

My friend Antony Johnston had started a fantastic new podcast called Unjustly Maligned, and he asked me to be a guest on it. The premise of the show is that each guest comes on to defend something they love that most other people think is awful. Being a huge music fan, I chose to defend Megadeth's 1999 album Risk, widely considered to be their worst (at least until 2013's Super Collider). I had a blast on the show talking metal with Antony (you can hear that episode here), and the response to the episode from listeners was pretty great.

Which led to another great thing.

Antony invited me to start a new podcast with him, one in which we would discuss a different metal album each episode. That podcast is called THRASH IT OUT, and we just finished the first 12-episode season of the show. The response has been wonderful, and we'll be starting up season two of the show in early 2016. In the meantime, you can listen to all the episodes at, talk about he podcast in our Facebook group, and if you're so inclined, support our Patreon here.

So, what does that mean for Sunday Night Videos? Well, it means that I will not be posting as regularly as I did when the blog first started (which you've clearly figured out already), but I do plan on doing new posts in between seasons of THRASH IT OUT. So, I will be posting a few installments between December and January.

I'm also going to go back through the old posts and try to update videos where I can. The problem with the YouTube vids is that sometimes they get pulled down, so the links in the posts go dead. I'll try to fix that where I can.

In the meantime, go check out THRASH IT OUT, and follow me on Twitter (@SeeBrianWrite) for updates on Sunday Night Videos!